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What's that then?

Ever wondered what it looks like?


Brown Rice Flower (BRF)
Found in any health shop.
You want the 'Organic' version.
It is a bit of a misconceived idea that BRF is brown in colour. The majority of BRF that you will find on sale is as white as any flour I have ever seen.

Brown Rice Flour (BRF)

The 'Good Old' Sainsbury's Jam Jar

Sainsbury's 'Jam Jar'

'Vermiculite' Found in any garden center.
Used for mixing with soil to help water retention for young seedlings.



'Perlite' also found in garden centers for the same applications as Vermiculite. Perlite does not retain water though it is more of a porous rock and not suitable as a substraight ingredient. Perlite is used in birthing chambers to aid humidity.



Sterile Inoculation Syringes.
Containg Mushroom Spores

Sterile Mushroom Spore Syringes

'Old Faithful' I wouldn't attempt to steralise anything without one.
Tip#: Buy the biggest you can afford.
I thought I was being economical when I bout this one for around 20 from Index. It is ok for doing 4 BRF jars at a time but if you move on to grains it is way too small. They do larger ones for around 40 which would be a much better investment.

Old Faithful

'Hydrogen Peroxide' (H2O2) Found in any chemist, it is a mild disinfectant. Also used for dying hair.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) Obtainable at any chemist shop, this solvent is great for cleaning all surfaces including media for spore prints. Quickly evapourates to leave a clean germ free surface. Commonly used for cleaning electronic contacts, cassette tape heads and the like.


Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) Can be found in homebrew stores.
It is used to buffer the ph of casing mixes such as 50/50 making it harder for certain ('Green Mold' being one of them) molds to gain a foothold.

Calcium Carbonate (Chalk)

Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum) found in home brew stores, a pinch is added to grain substrates to help prevent the grains from sticking together and so aid break-up when the jars are shaken.

Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum)

BRF/Verm/H2O mix.
Looks dry? this is how it should look if the PF Tek quantities of 3/4 cup Vermiculite, 1/4 cup BRF, 1/4 cup spring water are followed.
Although it looks dry this mix has been found to produce optimal results.

Mixed BRF Substrate

PDA Ingredients.

PDA Ingredients

Peat Moss. Obtainable at any garden center.
As used in the 50% peat moss/50% Verm (50/50 tek) casing mix

Peat Moss

'Polyfill' (man-made toy filling) Obtainable at any arts/crafts store or anywhere selling foam for cushions etc.


Bog standard Spring Water.
Dirt cheap and available virtually anywhere. I use it instead of tap water wherever I can except in
A lot cleaner than tap water!

Spring Water

Organic Millet. Available at any health shop.

Millet Grain

Organic Barley Grain. Available at any health shop.

Barley Grain

Organic Quinoa. Available at any health shop.


Organic Wheat Grain. Available at any health shop.

Wheat Grain

Used as a casing material. Best to get as 'natural' as possible.
Not to be mixed up with hay which is a mixture of dried grasses and not as successful as a casing material.


Disposable Petri Dishes.
An effective and advanced medium for growing mushroom mycelium.

Disposeable Agar plates

Agar flakes.
A natural gelling agent used as a medium in Petri dishes.
Can be found in some health food shops.

Agar Flakes

Autoclaveable media bottle.

Autoclaveable Agar Bottle

An Innoculation Loop.
Used in streaking spores on a Petri dish

Agar Innoculation Loop

Autoclaveable Spawn Bag with filter patch.

Autoclaveable Spawn Bag with Filter Patch

Reptile Pad heater. Wired through a dimmer switch to regulate temperature

Dimmer Switch

A heated propagator.
Wired through a timer or thermostat and a black bin bag over the top makes an excellent incubation chamber for BRF cakes.


Aquarium air pump.
Run into casing chamber via 2 airstones and set on a timer cuts out a lot of work.


A timer switch.
Able to turn on/off in 15 minute intervals

Timer Switch

Essential Sterile Working Conditions :p

Sterile working conditions

Sterile Working Conditions :p

Sterile Working Conditions :p